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Kugler 317 Pad Making Machine
  • Company: Grafitec PLC SF
  • Manufacturer: Kugler
  • Model: 317
For the production of glued writing pads

Width: Min 105mm x Max 330mm
Length: Min 148mm x Max 355mm
Thickness of pad: Min 3mm x Max 15mm

Machine Description:
The loose layers of pads already cut to size are
Manually fed to the Machine
The inclined reception station facilitates feeding.
The following Operations are executed automatically.

The layers are then aligned, glued at the head edge and dried.
The used Synthetic resin glue (cold glue) assures clean
and good binding.

The cover is automatically taken over from the magazine
and put on the Pad.
The magazine can be refilled during machine operation
from the top.
The cover is grooved, glued and flapped over.

The grooving lines assure correct and clean flapping
over of all cover materials.
For gluing the cover the same type of glue is used as
for the head-gluing operation.

The finished pads are delivered in piles on a table ready for packing.
Ref: G9364
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