Request info about FBM FW1400-E Film Wrapping Unit

FBM FW1400-E Film Wrapping Unit
  • Company: Pressroom Technologies Ltd.
  • Manufacturer: FBM
  • Model: PW 1400 E
FBM Model PW 1400 E, year 2007

Including (if required):
Müller Martini 267 inserting line, 4 stations, (age ca 1980s),
Typ: 267, Masch. Nr: 9 29712 A 404

The machine line was last in production in 2014 and was dismantled December 2016. Stored in a warm place.
The Müller Martini electrical wiring and motor has been remanufactured to follow and work together with FBM PW 1400 E unit.
The line is without vacuum compressor. No stacker.

We can sell the FBM Plastic Film Wrapper separately from the MM inserter or together.

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