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  • Company: Pressroom Technologies Ltd.
  • Manufacturer: RIMA
  • Model: RS600
2 x Rima RS600 Horizontal Log Stackers
Sold individually or with associated palletisers:

Rima RS600 log stacker with E600 control, age 2004
Rima WB12 turnover unit, age 2004
Rima Inclined Motorised Conveyor and delivery
Combined take off conveyors delivering to…..
LITA PPM-BR Palletising & Delivery System. S/No. 257 (1992)

Rima RS600 log stacker, age 2003
Euro Line type LPM200 Palletising system S/No. 154.03 with Fanuc System AO5B-2405-B010 Robot S/No. E02200217 with R-J3 handheld control (age2002)
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