Passoni Schleper Srl - Micky Schleper

  • Address:
  • Via Pogliano 16 Frazione Grancia
  • Zip / City:
  • 20020 Lainate (Mi)
  • Country:
  • Italy
  • Website:

  • Verified Dealer Verified Seller

About Passoni Schleper Srl - Micky Schleper

Importers and exporters of used printing pressess worldwide.

Passoni Schleper has been trading used printing presses for over 20 years.

We are stock buyers of used machines and successfully sold machinery to dealers and printers from all over the world.

Since we concentrate on reputable brands and always communicate openly, for years we are recognised as one of the most reliable partner in the market.

Our warehouse is located in Lainate Milano - 20 minutes from Malpensa ( Milano ) airport, and customers are always welcome to visit us.

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