PanPac LLC

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  • 1971 Old Cuthburt Road
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  • 08034 Cherry Hill NJ, New Jersey
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  • United States
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About PanPac LLC

PanPac LLC is one of USA's leading exporter in the used printing equipment market. We serve most markets including North and South America and Asia. We have been extremely successful in winning repeat international buyers by consistently shipping reliable and dependable used printing machines that exceed Industry standards. PanPac provides each customer the total expertise and knowledge at every critical juncture in the process of selecting the right printing machine. We continually seek the best quality printing equipment, that enhance our clients printing business and provide them in the most cost efficient and reliable way possible.
PanPac is also a rebuilder and supplier of used offset printing machines and post-press graphic arts equipment. Our rebuilt and refurbished printing equipment include Mitsubishi, Komori, Man Roland and Heidelberg. We have a full fledged warehouse in New Jersey near Philadelphia with Forklifts, Trucks and the right engineering crew. Our employees are factory trained technician. We sell late model Sheet fed and commercial heatset presses.
Always at your service....

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