GAT Graphic Arts Trading GmbH

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About GAT Graphic Arts Trading GmbH

G.A.T. GmbH buys and sells for over 20 years used CtF and CtP all over the world. Our Equipment is always cleaned, tested and repainted if necessary, before shipment. Our mission is to provide potential clients with accurate information about prepress products, and to offer them the highest quality of refurbished equipment at the most economical prices. A lot of experience in the prepress industry and a wide range of knowledge, we can help you find the best solution to fit your prepress operation. Complete systems available including installation and training. We do worldwide installations and service applications. Various engineers (technicians) work for us. If you have problems with one of your machines contact us under Once your machine has been refurbished and tested we will pack it for sea or airfreight. We will ship the machine to your company and do also the installation if requested....

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