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1 Module ASCM24-2
2 16 Channel H Bridge Output PCB
3 32 Channel Digital Output PCB
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  • Millboard Road, Bourne End
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  • SL8 5XE Bucks
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  • United Kingdom
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About PGM Printing & Graphic Machinery LTD

Printing & Graphic Machinery Ltd celebrate over 39 years of uninterrupted service in supplying used printing and bookbinding machines. Growing by demand, we are now one of the UK's largest dealers in used and reconditioned Bookbinding and Offset machinery. With our own fully trained and experienced engineers we can remove/install machinery worldwide. Printing & Graphic Machinery Ltd

offer the following to all our customers:

10,000 sq ft factory housing probably the most innovative cleaning system in the UK, equipped with recycling Spray Bay and Cryogenesis Dry Ice Cleaning Unit

Team of skilled engineers offering full installation and factory move service - experienced throughout the world

Expert advice on Bindery and Sheetfed requirements to suit production needs

Multilingual Sales Force

Strong financial background enabling immediate decisions and commitment to buy surplus machinery for stock. Our stocking facility does not rely on presales

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