DPM Direct Press Marketing Limited

  • Address:
  • 6, Churchill Court, Hortons Way
  • Zip / City:
  • TN16 1BT Westerham, Kent
  • Country:
  • United Kingdom
  • Website:
  • www.dpm.uk.com

  • Verified Dealer Verified Seller

About DPM Direct Press Marketing Limited

DPM's company philosophy is based on quality, integrity and above all, honesty. We don't believe in false economy when we are buying or selling. We pay a fair price for our equipment and expect a fair price when selling, no more no less.

At DPM we are not interested in the short term, our aim is to be recognised as the best and this can only be achieved by conducting successful business over a long period. Honesty can only be judged by familiarity, therefore we are happy to provide you with a list of our clients and let you decide if you want to deal with us.

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