R. Dingemans BV

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  • Teselaar 5
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  • 6681 BD Bemmel
  • Country:
  • Netherlands

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About R. Dingemans BV

Rene Dingemans sells used sheet-fed offset printing machines, prepress, binding and finishing equipment of different manufacturers. We buy on stock and export all over the world since 1993. Our stock is located in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

We always have for sale the following machines:

Heidelberg: Heidelberg Quickmaster QM46/2, Heidelberg GTO 46, Heidelberg GTO 52, Heidelberg MO,
Heidelberg SORM, Heidelberg SM 52, Heidelberg SM 72 and Heidelberg SM 74

MAN Roland: MAN Roland Praktika (Practica) PR00, MAN Roland Praktika (Practica) PRZ00,
MAN Roland Praktika (Practica) PR01, MAN Roland 201 TOB, MAN Roland 202 TOB
and MAN Roland 204 TOB, MAN Roland 304, MAN Roland 305

Ryobi: Ryobi 520, Ryobi 520 H, Ryobi 520 HX, Ryobi 512H, Ryobi 522, Ryobi 522 H,
Ryobi 522 HX, Ryobi 522 HXX, Ryobi 524 H, Ryobi 524 HX and Ryobi 524 HXX

Shinohara Fuji: Shinohara Fuji 52, Shinohara Fuji 52II and Shinohara Fuji 65II

Polar, Wohlenberg and other guillotines: Polar 76, Polar 115, Wohlenberg 92 MCS2 TV,
Wohlenberg 115 MCS2 TV

Stahl and MBO folding machines

Muller Martini: Muller Martini 1509, Muller Martini 1506, Muller Martini 1522, Muller Martini 1528

Laconda and Theisen & Bonitz collating, folding and stitching machines

All the machines we offer are in very good and perfect condition. You can find up-to-date sales-list at www.dingemans.nl

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