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About Prestotype bv

We have more than twenty years’ experience in the graphic machines market. From our base in the Netherlands we have built up a worldwide reputation. Quality, solidity and reliability are our watchwords. This website contains an overview of all machines we can offer you.

Prestotype only purchases high-quality machines. Before we ship the goods, they are extensively inspected by our specialists. All machines undergo thorough testing before delivery to our customers. Our customers tell us that what we sell are not ‘used machines’ but ‘used new machines’.

We have all the best makes at our fingertips
We deal in the top makes, such as Heidelberg, Roland, Stahl and Polar to name but a few. We have many of these machines in stock, as you would expect, because we offer a particularly wide range of graphic machines for every kind of inkless paper processing from off-set printing and typesetting to paper guillotines and folding machines.

Spare parts and accessories
Our customers always know where they are with us. We supply you with a pristine machine, and you are assured of premium service and after care at all times. We supply all the usual spare parts. Remember, no matter how good our machine is, repetitive use means that there will come a time when something needs replacing. We have almost everything in stock, but if we need to order anything, our contacts are so good that nothing is too much trouble. You can rely on Prestotype!

Prestotype is synonymous with quality from machine to personnel to training.
Our advisers will help you choose the machine that is right for you. If you worry about transport and installation – don’t. Should you so wish, we will even train your personnel to use it. Our technical support department will guide you through the maintenance of your machine. In short, Prestotype is synonymous with quality. All this at an attractive price.

Prestotype = Certainty = Service = Prestotype.
Take the time to browse this website. Our range is truly diverse, though as our procurement team is continuously active on the international market we may have acquired new machines since your last visit. You can get information on our entire range over the telephone, fax or e-mail. This is also the route to take if you have specific questions or wishes.
We will address your question immediately. Of course, you can also make an appointment with one of our consultants to visit our showroom in Zaandam, the Netherlands. You are welcome any time.

Prestotype. More than graphic machines
Graphic machines. That is what we do, and that is our passion. All Prestotype staff are enthused by the fantastic technology which goes into these machines. That enthusiasm pervades our entire organization. That is the sort of thing you want to hear because, no matter who you deal with at Prestotype, they understand the machine, they understand you and they know more than anyone else what the customer wants from a machine. That is why each graphic machine that leaves our showroom leaves in top condition. Which is how we want it to perform for you, the customer. You can rely on Prestotype employees, because Prestotype stands for more than graphic machines alone.

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