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  • Zonnebaan 33c
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  • 3542 EB Utrecht
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  • Netherlands
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About Graphic Mediation Europe v.o.f.

Graphic-Mediation Europe V.O.F. has been founded in 2001. The company has been specialised in buying and selling of second hand prepress equipment e.g.:

Computer to film systems
Computer to plate systems
Film processors
Plate processors
RIP's and work flows
Copy frames

Spare parts: e.g. supply/take-up cassettes, boards, power supplies etc.
All equipment will be bougth through whole Europe directly from the printers. After collecting we bring them to our warehouse that is located in the Netherlands. When it arrives there the equipment will be cleaned and tested by skilled independent engineers on good running condtion. After that it will be packed and stored in our warehouse ready for shipment to buyers. When the equipment has been sold we pack it carefully on wooden floors or into wooden boxes to secure that it will arrive in excellent condition on the buyers place. There it can be unpacked and immediately installed. When that also will be done by skilled engineers we guarantee that it will work smoothly! We're shipping 4-5 sytems per week all over the world so we can say to have the knowledge how to handle that!

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