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Wohlenberg 137 Cut-Tec / BASA Year: 2006
  • Guillotines/Cutters
  • Wohlenberg 137 Cut-Tec / BASA
  • 2006
Touchscreen; CIP 3 // CIP 4; ASE, autom. Waste removal; Programmable pressure; Pile lift NUP 650 Autom. Paper infeed and Jogging system...
Wohlenberg 76 Year: 1996
  • Guillotines/Cutters
  • Wohlenberg 76
  • 1996
Light Beam Guarding Programmatic Central Air Bed Spare Blade Selection of Tools and Manuals Machine change to large monitor as previous...
Wohlenberg 92 Guillotine 1974 Year: 1974
  • Guillotines/Cutters
  • Wohlenberg 92 Guillotine 1974
  • 1974
We are pleased to offer: Wohlenberg 92 Guillotine, Year 1974 Complete with tape programme, air bed, light guards, manuals and tools. ...
Cutting line Wohlenberg 137 TV
  • Guillotines/Cutters
  • Cutting line Wohlenberg 137 TV
Price: upon request EUR Cutting line Wohlenberg 137 TV Set for industrial cutting paper: – High Speed guillotine Wohlenberg 137 MCS-2 TV ...
Wohlenberg 132 Year: 2009
  • Guillotines/Cutters
  • Wohlenberg 132
  • 2009
Pile Lift Jogger with pressing roller Cutter with touch scrren Photo cells Unloader
Wohlenberg 115 MCS TV
  • Guillotines/Cutters
  • Wohlenberg 115 MCS TV
Baumann Jogger Baumann Unloder BA 6 N Extra right side tables Fotozellen Safety cells Air tables left, center and right display program

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