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Perfecta 76 SC Year: 1996
  • Guillotines/Cutters
  • Perfecta 76 SC
  • 1996
high-speed Guillotine/Cutter PERFECTA 76 SC of 1996 n°71268, 76 cm Digital programming with LCD display screen, Hydraulic clamping, airtabl...
Perfecta 132 TVC Year: 2005
  • Guillotines/Cutters
  • Perfecta 132 TVC
  • 2005
digital programm w. touch screen, air table, photo cells, two large side tables w. air, jogging table w. air squeezing roller, two stan...
PERFECTA P 168 HTVC Year: 2007
  • Guillotines/Cutters
  • 2007
movable transfer table system to the right, knife changing device with knfe hoist and knife setting gauges, rear table cover. Available wi...
Perfecta 76 UC Guillotine Year: 2000
  • Guillotines/Cutters
  • Perfecta 76 UC Guillotine
  • 2000
Perfecta 76 UC Guillotine Age: 2000 Equipped with: Digital programmes with memory recall function Central airbed with extended airbed le...
Perfecta Seypa 92-4 Year: 1985
  • Guillotines/Cutters
  • Perfecta Seypa 92-4
  • 1985
program, air table, photo cells, side tables
Perfecta 168 HTVC cutting line Year: 2008
  • Guillotines/Cutters
  • Perfecta 168 HTVC cutting line
  • 2008
Type: Perfecta 168 HTVC, Machine No.: 74874, Monitor Screen, Program with touch screen, Air table (stainless steel), Air table, Side tables ...

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