Weldan P8000-200S Tray Machine


Weldan Automatic Tray Machine Type P8000-200S Stationery Production of: Binders Files Advertising Articles Covers and more Material: PVC, PU and other Thermoplastic Films. Weldan automatic tray machine type P8000-200S This H.F. machine has become a "bestseller" because it is second to none if the demand is for fast and accurate production of many kinds of stationery products such as binders, files, advertising articles, covers, etc. from PVC, PU and other thermoplastic films. Furthermore the machine is suitable for the production of special items. The machine is equipped with double automatic trays which are secured against collision by the electric control system. The speed of the trays going into the press is steplessly adjustable and at the end of the cycle the trays return at full speed. The press is of a very stable construction with a heavy air cylinder in the middle. There are two columns guided by four no-grease bushes and there are four depth-of-sink controls with a 1/10 mm graduation to allow very accurate setting of the bottom position. The press gives a very fine welding impression due to the fact that the trays are lowered and lifted by built-in cylinders. The machine may be delivered with smaller trays with a working area of 750 x 560 mm (electrode platen 700 x 500 mm), or the larger 200SP version can be supplied with trays of 1200 x 800 mm (electrode platen 1150 x 715 mm). In addition either 8 or 12 kW generators may be fitted. Technical information etc. on request.
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  • Manufacturer:
  • Weldan
  • Model:
  • P8000-200S
  • Year:
  • 1990
  • Size:
  • 750 x 560 mm.
  • Location:
  • Denmark
  • Price:
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