Heidelberg CPC 21 Quality control/Denisitometer


Super well maintained an fully operational CPC 21.
Complete wtih manuals, spare part books, orignal spare spart kit and extra light bulbs for the measuring head.

The CPC is manufactured in 1996

Description: Heidelberg CPC2S/CPC21 Desitometer
For mesuring and auto adjustment of the inkzones for all Heidelberg models
Can be conected to more machines at the same time
APP.1997 Machine nr.378
Checked and in good condition
spectrophotometrically. The measurement results are logged. Control determines the deviations from the predefined reference values and automatically tells the operator what adjustments are needed. These are transferred online to the press which then regulates the ink zones in all printing units simultaneously and enables the print shop to achieve consistently high quality.

  • Dealer:
  • Press Trading Denmark APS
  • Manufacturer:
  • Heidelberg
  • Model:
  • CPC 2S /CPC21 Densitometer
  • Year:
  • 1996
  • Location:
  • Denmark
  • Price:
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Condition: New
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