Tensor T1400


Manufacturer's website states: Tensor T-1400 units offer proven endurance with an ergonomical design and superb value. Value Maximum printing speed of 35,000 IPH Rapid make-ready and quick “no tool” plate change design encourages versatility of product mix The optional reel-type blanket lock-ups reduce cylinder gaps and offer newsprint savings without sacrificing image area Cutoff: 19 " through 27.6 " (482mm through 700mm) Web Widths: 29" through 40" (737mm through 1016mm) Design Unique “bearing-in-a-bearing” eccentric design provides optimum dynamic support of the blanket cylinders, reducing print disturbance Stainless steel clad cylinders with unique tapered journal design add stiffness for improved print and registration control Arch geometry provides enhanced ergonomics for ease of maintenance Endurance Thousands of T-1400 units in operation worldwide Eccentric design provides unsurpassed durability in the critical frame bore area, thus providing very long equipment service life Centralized lubrication and pneumatics are standard features on the Tensor T-1400 series press; optional motorized registration available
  • Estetik Yayıncılık €
  • Manufacturer:
  • Tensor
  • Model:
  • T-1400
  • Year:
  • 1998

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