SOLNA 425D (483X640mm)


Solna 425 D SheetFed Offset Printing Press:
Double Sheet Detector
Down swing feeder
Continuous Alcohol Dampening System
Lever-style parted ink fountain
Pneumatic ink On/Off,
Pneumatic ink supply
Pneumatic ink/water supply
Pneumatic Impression On/Off
Closed-loop motor-driven plate adjustment (lateral, circumfluence, cocking)
Semi-automatic plate change
High Delivery
Sheet deculer
Pneumatic braking
Blow fans
Inspection table (10.4")
Dampening Tank
CCD Plate Punch
MDS ink remote control system (Optional)
CIP3 (Optional)
Specification for Solna425D sheet fed offset press
Printing speed 3000-10000 IPH
Max. paper size 483X640 mm
Min. paper size 210X250 mm
Max. printing area 460X635 mm
Paper Thickness 0.04-0.60 mm
Plate size 505X645 mm
Plate+packing thickness 0.42 mm
Blanket size 585X650 mm
Blanket+packing thickness 1.9 mm
Feeding capability 800 mm
Delivery capability 500 mm
Bite 4-6 mm
Bite margin 8-9 mm
Horizontal plate adjustment range -1- +1 mm
Vertical plate adjustment range -1.96- +0.65 mm
Main power 11 Kw
Machine dimension 6850X2615X1800 mm
Machine weight 12000 Kg
  • Qingdao ZFC Trading Co.,Ltd

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  • Manufacturer:
  • Solna
  • Model:
  • 425
  • Year:
  • 2016
  • Color(s):
  • 4
  • Location:
  • China
  • Price:
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