Perfecting 10/0; 5/5, CP 2000 touch screen consolle, CP 2000 MasterLever licence sofware, CP 2000 Preset Link, CP 2000 ManagementGate, Prinect color assistant, Autoplate, PRESET PLUS FEEDER, Head feeder with added of three suctions, Front sensor on flap of the feeder, Double sheet electronic sensor control, Electromechanic pull lay control for wheels, Ultrasonic sensor double-sheet control, Pneumatic side register + autocleaning & double, SLOW DOWN on feeder, ELTEX antistatic feed/delivery, N.ro 2 Eltex ion blowers, Alcolor VARIO SYSTEM, COMBISTAR : ink temp.combined with ref.+ Alcosmart, Rollers washer by CP2000, MODULAR blanket cylinder wash. device by CP2000, Tandem system : impression cylinder auto washers, WASHSTAR : automatic cleaning of catch pans, Remote distributor-roller adjustment, PRESET PLUS DELIVERY, Grafix Exactronic Duo Plus, CLEANSTAR PLUS: powder exhauster in delivery, ELTEX antistatic in delivery, Intercom system: Microphone communication, AIRSTAR : central air box water cooled, SCROLLSTAR: Atlas Copco compressor SOLD TO OUR CUSTOMER IN ITALY
  • Camporese Macchine Grafiche SpA
  • Advertising since 2010

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  • Manufacturer:
  • Heidelberg
  • Model:
  • SM 102
  • Year:
  • 2005
  • Color(s):
  • 10
  • Size:
  • 720 x 1020 mm.
  • Price:
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