Mitsubishi Diamond D3000 LX 6+C+ED

Mitsubishi Diamond D3000 LX 6+C+ED


2006 Mitsubishi Diamond D3000 LX 6-TC+ED Serial No. 4170 SAPC, Automatic Paper Preset System, Carton Option for LX Presses (Skeleton Cylinders), upto 40 pt., Ink Clutch Remote Control (1,2,5,6) Automatic Printing Pressure Preset, Automatic Ink Roller Wash-Up, Front Lay Remote Control, Blanket Washers, Auto Feeder Pile Centering Device, Sheet Slowdown Device in Feeder, MHI Delta Dampener System, Ink Vibrating Roller Cooling (3 per unit), Provision for Impression Cylinder Cleaners, MHI Ink Ductor Remote Control, Ink Oscillating Rollers On/Off Remote Control, Stack Aligner in Delivery, Dead Point Remote Control, Front Lay Bernoulli, Diamond Link III Press Control Interface, Press Link, H&B Anilox, Baldwin Combination Temperature Control, IR Dryer for Extended Delivery, Graphix Digitronic Sprayer. All manuals. approx 77 mil Impression
  • PanPac LLC
    United States
  • Advertising since 2012

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  • Manufacturer:
  • Mitsubishi
  • Model:
  • Diamond 3000
  • Year:
  • 2006
  • Impressions:
  • 90 mio.
  • Color(s):
  • 6
  • Size:
  • 720 x 1020 mm.
  • Price:
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