Muller Martini Bolero B8


Gathering machine type MM 3693
21 stations
Handfed station
Autom. sheet thickness control ASAC;
Autom. Sheet type control ASIR 3 with Barcode reader;
Vaccuum pump VTA 100;
Reject Gate type MM 3614;
Erecting device MM 3641, 1500mm with blowers and motoric adjustment;
Vibrating element MM 3643;
Book-block feeder MM 3642
Perfect binder BOLERO B8
21 combi clamps;
Milling station;
3 separate spine working stations;
1 Brushing station;
Hotmelt sine gluing;
Edge Gluing device for Hotmelt spine gluing;
Premelter PM 80;
PUR spine gluing, nozzle type VPN;
PUR premelter MOD 30, melting on demand;
Pre-heater for PUR and hotmelt;
1x Drum Cover feeder with extended capacity up to 470mm;
4x creasing for cover feeder;
Lay-down conveyor
Autom. Measuring of;
- Book block length;
- Book block Thickness;
- Book block width;
- Cover length;
- Cover width.
Transport conveyors to
Three knife trimmer MERRIT SPS with Touch screen control;
Autom. adjustments;
Silicone sprayer
Stacker MM CB – 16
ONYX inserting machine
Touch screen console with suction and knife opening;
Blockfeeder SA 740 for main product;
5x rotary feeder;
1x twin feeder RA 724
Stacker MM CB – 16
Foiling tunnel
2x strapping device
  • Dealer:
  • Van der Wekken Grafische Machines B.V.
  • Manufacturer:
  • Muller Martini
  • Model:
  • Bolero
  • Year:
  • 2007
  • Station(s):
  • 21
  • Location:
  • Germany
  • Price:
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