2012 Roland 905-8+LV UV


Equipped with the following:

Roland 900 Series 5 Color Size 8
Modification to minimum sheet size – 28” x 40” (710mm x 1016mm)
Printing plate thickness, clamping bar adjustment for 0.4 mm plate thickness
Electrical equipment of the machine designed for North America, frequency 60 Hz (UL/CSA)
Lightning and overvoltage protection. manroland EnergyLink
SelectCompressor: Supplier: Käser
SelectPowderSystem, Grafix powder sprayer, type Cantronic HEP
SelectCombiCenter - Combination device beta.c
TelePresence with maintenance manager (Included in Cardboard Package). Industrial PC with
printnet PressManager Perfect 2.0 consisting of:
IntegrationPilot plus
ColorPilot D + F - densitometry and colorimetry
ok-Balance Process analysis system
Low Coverage Stabilisation (LCS)
APL - automatic plate loading system
QuickChange Job plus
QuickChange Coating plus
QuickChange Surface
QuickChange Color smart
Universal printing package for printing materials from 0.04 mm to 1.2 mm:
Eltex SelectAntiStatic
QuickChange Transferter
Performance package for printing foils and scratch-sensitive materials(stock range 0.1 to .6 mm )
Coating module with extension in the delivery (Drier path 9057 mm)
SelectCleaningSystem - impression cylinder wash-up device of the printing units
SelectCleaningSystem - impression cylinder wash-up of the coating unit.
Manual Nonstop device in the feeder
Nonstop device automated with Rollomatic.
Preparation for UV-intermediate drying (printing unit) as well as for UV-final drying in the delivery
IR/TL/UV Drying System
End of press SelectDryer UV – 3 UVmodules each 160 W/cm
End of Press SelectDryer IR/TL (infrared/hot-air).
3 UV Interdeck modules, inclusive of docking stations, each 160 W/cm.
2 - Additional Docking Stations
1 - Total Flexibility Cabinet
Ink rollers with special covering for the alternative use of conventional and UV-inks
3rd Wash up Line: Wash-up devices with additional washing cycle
Ink mist extraction with integrated ink roller blowing device
Intercom at the feeder and delivery with one microphone and loudspeaker each
Press raise kit of 34.83: (834mm)
Select Air Station: compact, central blower cabinet, brand manroland
Delivery steel plate, recessed
Ternes manual punch for PPL
SelectDampeningFiltration - Dampening solution microfiltration device beta.f
Accel Sentinel ink management system, with console
One (1) set of spare cores
One (1) Tool kit
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    United States

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  • Manufacturer:
  • Manroland
  • Model:
  • 905-8
  • Year:
  • 2012
  • Impressions:
  • 19 mio.
  • Color(s):
  • 5
  • Size:
  • 710 x 1016 mm.
  • Price:
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