Heidelberg SSP-82 pile fed triple shaft perf/slit/score 8 looking at this machine right now!


30" TH pile fed triple shaft perf/score
Equipped with: FH82 Heidelberg pile fed feeder, SSP 82 triple shaft perf/score/slitter unit, vacuum belt register board, Rietschle KTA 80 vacuum pump, 32" wide max. sheet size x 41".

FH82 feeder feeds flat sheets up to 32'x41" onto register board, SSP82 can perf/score slit on 3 different shafts at same time, can be used to slit out very thin bleeds from middle of a printed sheet. Pneumatic timed perf heads can also be added for strike perfs.
  • North East Printing Machinery, Inc.
    United States
  • Advertising since 2016

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  • Manufacturer:
  • Heidelberg/Stahl
  • Model:
  • SSP-82
  • Location:
  • United States
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