BOBST EXPERTFOLD 110 A2 CS Gluer GT handypack G7 and HHS


  • Crashlock
  • Straight line


Total Length 11,235mm
Pre-beaker left and right
Controlled delivery
3 corner pocket Gluer , 8 feed conveyors, 2 lower conveyors, I left hand prebreaker for glue flap, 1 set upper conveyors , I left hand Prebreaker, Crash Lock bottom module,
HSS Standard 3 glue guns Gluing unit, Folding section total length 3000. Removable glue basin, Pressure rollers with eccentric adjustment.
Total Length: 1320mm, 8 Feed Conveyors. 1 Thickness Gauge, 1 Additional Thickness Gauge, 2 Side Guards in Two Parts, 1 Motor Controlled by Frequency Variator, 1 Set of Rear Guides for Blank Support, 2 Lower Conveyors, 1 Left hand Prebreaker for Glue Flap
Total Length: 2300mm, 1 Lower Left Conveyor, 1 Lower Right Conveyor, 1 Set of Upper Conveyors with Lifting Device, 1 Left-hand Prebreaker without belt with built-in pressing device, 1 Re-opening Guide, 1 Right-hand Prebreaker including a system to set the prebreaking angle, 1 Lower Central supporting guide,
Total Length: 1500mm, Lower Conveyor, Upper Transport (left & right), Set of Hooks - Helical Folding Guides, Lower Central Supporting Guides
1 Lower left-hand gluing unit with wheel and double scraper, 1 Removable glue basin, 1 Upper guide with pressure roller, 1 Refill Bottle, Glue Track Size: 5mm
HSS Gluing Unit
Total Length: 3000mm, 2 Lower Conveyors, 1 Set of Upper Conveyors adjustable in length with lifting device, 2 Folding Device with 10/15/30 mm belt width Pressure Rollers with eccentric adjustment, 2 Speed Variators for folding belts, 2 Integrated left and right hand belt lifting devices, 1 lower central supporting guide
Total Length: 1400mm, 2 Lower and Upper Conveyors adjustable in length, 1 Vertical Setting Setting System of Upper and Lower Conveyor outlet, 1 Safety Sensor with Flexible Contact
Total Length: 4435mm, Pressure Length: 2550mm, Independent Delivery section, 1 Automatic pressure system adjustable through Pneumatic cylinders, 2 Independent setting zones, 1 Automatic guiding and lateral correction system of lower and upper aprons, 2 infeed devices, 1 Box Stream Regulator, 1 Control for Temporary Delivery Acceleration, 1 Control to put delivery independently into service, machine stopped
1 Drum motors controlled through a frequency variator.
  • BBR Graphics Sales Ltd
    United Kingdom
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  • Manufacturer:
  • Bobst
  • Model:
  • Expert Fold 110 A2 CS
  • Year:
  • 2014
  • Size:
  • 1100 mm.
  • Location:
  • United Kingdom
  • Price:
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