Kern 2600, SIGR, EFQR, FSH, BFGD, OMR, Kern 2600 i


Manufacturer / Model: Kern / 2600 Typ: 2600 Cycles: only 14,5 Mio envleopes! Configuration: 3 channels, 2 stations, OMR Stationary Formats: C6, DL, C5, B5 Cycling Speed: 16.000 env/h 1st Channel: continuous cutter SIGR OO 2-up with 2x OMR from above 2nd Channel: cut sheet EFQR 3rd Channel: cut sheet FSH 4th Channel: no Reading: OMR Enclosures: 1x BFGD for 2 Enclosures Extras: diverter, 4 check bins, vertical stacker, long conveyor, read rtable Option: add. envelope station ZSVD/ZSL, Camera readhead Datamatrix 2D on exit, also add. channel continuous Frequency: 50hz
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  • Manufacturer:
  • Kern
  • Model:
  • 2600
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