Shinohara 79 IV


2009 Shinohara 79 IV only 19 million impressions
four color Straight press
max sheet size 600 x 790 mm (23.6 x 31)inches
Feeder Pile Paper Preloading Device Mechanical Double Sheet Detector Electrical Double Sheet Detector On-the-Run Feeder Timing Adjustment Impression On/Off Detector
Overrun Sheet Detector
Side Guide Paper Detector
Antistatic Blower on Feeder Head
Remote Controlled Ink Key Adjustment
Dampening Fountain Roller Speed Remote Control System Free Standing Dampening Cooling/Circulating Unit Continuous Dampening System
Segmented Ink Fountain Blade
Ink Roller Wash up Blade/Tray
Dampening Solution PH Controller
Automatic Alcohol (IPA)% Controller
Hickey Picker Device
Automatic Ink Roller Wash up System
Oscillating Ink Form Roller (Anti-ghosting Roller)
Plate Cylinder Lateral/Radial Remote Control Device SPC (Shinohara Plate Changer)Semi automatic Automatic Blanket Wash up System
Operation Side Impression Adjustment Dial
Impression Pressure Pre-set System
Anti-Smearing Paper on Transfer Cylinder
Delivery Missing Sheet Detector
Plate Clamp Cocking System
Sheet Decurler
Static Eliminator
Spray Powder System
Nonstop Delivery
POD Touch Screen
Total Counter
Preset Sheet Counter
Plate Puncher
Operation Console
Shinohara CIP3 Station
Shinohara Pre-Inking System (SPIS)
  • Best Buys Graphics Inc.
    United States
  • Manufacturer:
  • Shinohara
  • Model:
  • 79
  • Year:
  • 2009
  • Impressions:
  • 19 mio.
  • Color(s):
  • 4
  • Size:
  • 520 x 790 mm.
  • Location:
  • United States
  • Price:
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