KBA Compacta 618 48PP


with floor mounted reel cart, KBA Pastomat RC double sided reel stand, 1m x 1.24m loadcell weigh platform, tension rolls, four print units (shaftless) with sem-auto plate loading, Megtec Dual-Dry DDTNV 15.3/1524 gas fired dryer, serial no. 0114SV/JN116674 (2003)/(42500 cph/14.6m per second), paper width 1460mm, cut-off 620mm, KBA/ KWS six roll chill unit, serial no. K319 (2003), Elguider guide unit, Quadtech register unit, serial no. 963311-1-1 (2005), web direction changer, KBA combination folder/ cutter with spine gluing facility, twin deliveries and merge-stream facility, Techno Trans Delta D damping, Aquatech pressurisation unit, control panels, Faist acoustic press room enclosure, ergotronic control desks, Logotronic ink control desk, Opera control desk, Colortronic ink control desk readout (closed loop colour control), Quadtech register and colour readouts, Robatech webtech system, Bielomatik lubrication system, four mobile plate racks, multi-band discharge conveyors, transfer conveyor, Muller Martini horizontal log bander 0397 0400-21 (pits in floor to be filled and screeded following removal of equipment) (holes in walls and roof to be made good by purchaser) (no main incoming cable included – available privately)
Recmi DIRECTION CHANGE UNIT AND OVERHEAD CONVEYOR, serial no. 03047 (2004), with two feed conveyors, overhead conveyor and receiving station
LOG STACKER AND PALLETISER LINE comprising:- automatic gate and stand, control panel, Muller Martini Avanti horizontal log stacker, serial no. MMZO 383 229 MMEZ 390 977, Muller Martini/ Strapex bander, serial no. 01467 (2000) and Muller Martini palletiser, serial no. MMZO 383 229 MMEZ 390 983 fitted Sick photo electric beam guard
Gammerler TRIMMING AND STACKING LINE comprising Gammerler Band AA1200 Belt Conveyor, serial no. 111812, Gammerler PS300 trimmer feeder, serial no. 7272/2006, Gammerler EM120 direction changer, serial no. 7285/ 2006, Gammerler RS134/530 trimmer, serial no. 7273/2006, control panel, Gammerler RS134/530 trimmer, serial no. 7274/2006, Gammerler KL540 LPC stacker and conveyor, serial no. 7215/2006, Transpak strapper and belt delivery conveyor
WATER CHILLING PLANT including Airedale Ultima 14 fan water chilling unit, six centrifugal water pumps, Rycroft GZSA2000 insulated and clad chilled water tank, serial no. 37908/1 (2003), valves, insulated piping to inside factory wall (holes in wall and roof to be made good by purchaser) and control panel (in press hall)
Niche Air Heater Unit, with ducting over print units (hole in walls/ roof to be made good by purchaser) and internal control unit
Aquatech Pressurisation Unit, with 2000 plus controller and Sentinel X100 inhibitor

Kaeser Sigma SK19 Package Air Compressor, serial no. 0182779

Abac WS13ABC Oil Condensate Separator

MTA Dry Energy Hybrid DE012 Air Dryer, serial no. 38178800315 (2011)

Eure 270L Vertical Welded Steel Air Receiver
WATER PURIFICATION/ SOFTENING EQUIPMENT, including plastic tanks, pumps, Presscomfort unit, softening equipment and osmosis system
  • Sanderson Weatherall
    United Kingdom

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  • Manufacturer:
  • KBA
  • Model:
  • Compacta 618
  • Year:
  • 2003
  • Size:
  • 620 mm.
  • Location:
  • United Kingdom
  • Price:
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