Komori LS 640 CTR


Komori LS640+C, Series 4045
Serial number 141, originally installed new in 2004, actually manufactured in early 2003
6-color, 28x40-inch printing press with in-line tower coater
Harris & Bruno chambered anilox coater
PQC-S ink & register console with overhead light
PDCS-II closed-loop color control - Spectrophotometry
KMS-IV Komori Management System with CIP4 compatibility Komorimatic Delta dampening system with bridge system ON/OFF control Full AMR – Automatic Make Ready and Paper Presets
Full APC - Fully Automatic Plate Changers
Automatic ink roller washers
Automatic blanket washers
Automatic impression cylinders cleaners
Advanced cylinder cocking and bowing remote control
Oscillator timing remote control
Oscillator phase remote control
Inker declutching on units 1 & 6
Air-skelton transfer cylinders with air control system
TriService ink temperature control system
Paper thickness capability: 1.0mm maximum (thin paper - 0.040”)
16,000 sph maximum production speed
Ancillary equipment:
Pierry IR dryer package MDL: 2CXHA 150A @ 480V 3Ø
Prisco AquaChill G20 refrigerated recirculation for dampening system Weko AP250 dry spray unit
Doyle Sheet Cleaner
Komorimatic dampening with Delta affect
MMT automatic continuous delivery system
Isolation Transformer 480?/208Y/120 225kV A 480 primary
  • Best Buys Graphics Inc.
    United States
  • Manufacturer:
  • Komori
  • Model:
  • Lithrone LS-40
  • Year:
  • 2004
  • Color(s):
  • 6
  • Size:
  • 720 x 1030 mm.
  • Price:
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