Atlas Blumer D-18 Label Punch 1985 8 looking at this machine right now!


  • Cutting dies
  • High alloy
  • HM1 Microprocessor display
  • Slitter knife for cutting dies
  • Tooling stell


We are pleased to offer:

Atlas Blumer D-18 Label Punch 1985. Serial Number: 4032184

Label size:
pre-cut label size minimum 24x45mm-150x180mm maximum
die cut size minimum 20x40mm-145x175mm

Stack height min/max-30/120mm
Minimum trim per side for die cut-2mm
Machine strokes max/min-8-16
Ram pressure max-45kN

Cutting dies-tooling stell, high alloy, haed metal
Height of cutting die-50-90mm
Height of cutting die with Grid plate-95mm
Slitter knife for cutting dies

Machine control and HM1-Microprocessor display
Electrical connection 3x400V
Compressed air supply-6 bar dry air 8 m3/h
Floor layout-1500x1300mm
Operating personnel-1 machine setter and 1-2 aux Persons.

Good condition
Available Immediately
    United Kingdom
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  • Manufacturer:
  • Atlas
  • Model:
  • D-18
  • Year:
  • 1985
  • Location:
  • Poland
  • Price:
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