Kolbus KM 472.A


Perfect binding line

Equipped with:
Gathering machine model ZU 840.A
Short handfeeding station
Book block feeder
12 stations basic frame
12 standard feeders with signature recognition system and automatic section thickness control ATC
Transfer channel as connection unit to the binder, with integrated jogging station
Reject unit AS 840 to the right
Air center
Ratiobinder model KM 472.A, year 2001
21 clamps
Infeed with handfeeding unit incl. coupling to a ZU gathering machine
Main milling station with strip cutter
3 spine preparing units (equalizing, notching, brushing with roller brush)
Excluding dust exhaust (machine was connected to centralized dust exhaust system)
Hotmelt spine gluing unit
Premelter type LH 370
PUR spine gluing unit (Nordson 2004)
Smelting unit
Hotmelt side gluing unit
IR heating at curve
Stream cover feeder
Equipment for manufacturing of folded-in covers
Pressing station
Gripper carriage device
Lay down device 2100 mm with shingled stream function
Machine requires cleaning and checking/reconditioning

Further complete with:
Instruction manuals
Spare parts catalogue
Electrical wiring diagrams

  • Dealer:
  • KGT Kool Graphic Trade B.V.
  • Reference:
  • 47641
  • Manufacturer:
  • Kolbus
  • Model:
  • KM 472.A
  • Year:
  • 2001
  • Location:
  • Netherlands
  • Price:
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Spare Parts & Accessories

Rubber Compound

Condition: New
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