Ryobi 520


RYOBI 524HXX Four Color Printing Press with PCS Console, 2000 model year. Ryobimatics continuous damping, Midlan IR driers, Baldwin blanket washers, Royse refrigeration circulation system, 39 mil. rev. (approx 20 mil imp.) Vertical, lateral & plate cocking from PCS console for perfect registration. No damages to cylinders or gears, ink rollers are in excellent condition. This press is in excellent working condition and can be seen for a demo in New York.

Prepping of the press by a mechanic for transportation and rigging onto a truck can be provided for an additional fee. Freight is the responsibility of the buyer.
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    United States

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  • Manufacturer:
  • Ryobi
  • Model:
  • 520
  • Year:
  • 2000
  • Impressions:
  • 40 mio.
  • Color(s):
  • 4
  • Size:
  • 520 x 370 mm.
  • Location:
  • United States
  • Price:
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