Morgana Morgana CardXtra Autocutter CT 620 Exa

Morgana Morgana CardXtra Autocutter CT 620 Exa


Counter 91,267 cuts.
Fast, versatile and very easy to use CardXtra is ideal for the on-demand environment and features the ability to take A3 plus sheets in weights up to 400gsm. It produces 140 business cards a minute (7 x 20 up sheets) and can also be used for postcards and other formats. It allows extremely fast set-up and has quick-change rotary blades. It has pre-select programmes for different cutters as well aspre-programmable memory for storing common jobs.

A recognition sensor allows the CardXtra to follow the printed image. This is achievableby printing a special mark on the sheet, the size and position of which are available on the downloadable templates.

Engineered to accept SRA3+ paper and card (320 x 469.5mm) and accurately cut small, medium and high volumes of paper and card while allowing the operator to get on with other tasks

85x55mm cutter and Postcard with bleed cutter included
  • Anchorprint Group Ltd
    United Kingdom

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  • Manufacturer:
  • Morgana
  • Model:
  • Morgana CardXtra Autocutter CT 620 Exa
  • Year:
  • 2005
  • Impressions:
  • 4 mio.
  • Stations:
  • 1
  • Location:
  • United Kingdom
  • Price:
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