X-Rite MA 60 SmartScan *HW


X-Rite Multi-Angel Spectrophotometer MA 60 SmartScan by BASF

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The industry's most advanced spectrophotometer.

SmartScan ® is at the forefront of color technology. The handheld device reads the wavelength of light, the color of the desired object and then works with the SmartTrak ® computer system to create a suitable formula that produces exactly the same color. SmartScan ® automatically takes samples from four angles. Also, metals are adjusted quickly and easily. SmartScan ® adjusts the formula to an exact match of color, to obtain the desired object. SmartScan ® software combines the knowledge of color, light and tones of BASF bases to set a precise formula. Its "artificial intelligence" generated unprecedented capabilities in the modification of a theoretical formula for a perfect result.
  • Brakensiek Systemhaus GmbH & Co. KG
  • Advertising since 2010
  • Reference:
  • 40684
  • Manufacturer:
  • X-Rite
  • Model:
  • MA 60 SmartScan
  • Location:
  • Germany
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