Hoerauf BDM Universal


Size - max. 410?720, min. 105?170
Board feeder, incl guides without flexible spine unit
Non stop feeder for cover material
Lowerable gluing unit
Gluing and pressing station
transport SYSTEM
Head and Tail folding station with corner tucking station
Side folding station
2nd Pressing station and delivery
Counter stacker with return belt to he operation position

Fully automatic computer aided make-ready
Pre-pile belt with centralized make-ready feature
Stacker delivery with return belt
Pneumatic pressing device in cover material feeder
Glue viscosity control unit
Springs for this padded cases
10 carrier plates with rubber blanket
Modem for machine diagnostic

One piece cases
Equipment for inside lining
Additional pot for cold glue
Additional glue pump for cold glue
Equipment for 3 pieces covers (for files with marbled paper)
Vacuum pump
Additional parts for 4 piece cases.

  • THOSCO - Thode+Scobel
  • Advertising since 2010

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  • Manufacturer:
  • Hoerauf
  • Model:
  • BDM Universal
  • Year:
  • 2005
  • Location:
  • Russia
  • Price:
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