MITSUBISHI Diamond 6000LS-5 1040 X 1440 mm


Delivery includes the following standard equipment:

Remote control for inking and moistening device
Remote control of side, circumferential and cocking register
Semi-automatic plate changer SPC
Automatic washing device for counter-printing, rubber printing blankets and inking rollers
Chromed printing cylinders
Surface treatment of all cylinders
Powder sprayer Grafix Megatronic-S Plus with automatic format setting
Technotrans Beta-C for inking and moistening device tempering, with PH, Conductivity Alcosmart
IPC II (Intelligent Press Control)
Plate bender
Plate punch

The following extra equipment is also included:

Grafix powder extractor for the removal of surplus powder in the stacker:
MCCS-2 (Mitsubishi Colour Control)
PC-controlled colour measurement system for automatic colour control and management.
Spectrophotometric system. Colour control via comprehensive density or grey balance
IPC server II
Compressor cabinet
Contact monitor for monitoring of sheet in the device
Mitsubishi stream feeder with steel plate and non-stop device
Automatic format setting of feeder table and suction head
Automatic pallet centering
Feeder table with suction bendler
Automatic format setting of brushes and rollers
Automatic format setting of side marks
Retardation of sheet before arrival at the front device
Remote control of time of arrival, front device
Safety system against foreign bodies

Three types of double sheet control
Ultrasonic fully-automatic/photo electric and mechanical
Photo electric front device control
Monitoring of sheet feeding by optical front control and optical side control (acoustic alarm)
Remote control, during travel of front label. Forwards/backwards/cocking
Vacuum feature label “Push-Pull. Remote control
Front device with Bernoulli air

Printing device
Conical roller bearings and mechanically operated gripper
“7 o’clock” position between plate blanket/rubber blanket and printing cylinders, etc.
Ready printed sheet before gripper change, double diameter printing and transfer cylinder.
Plasma-sprayed surface on the rubber blanket cylinders, pre-bent plate and printing cylinders.
Transfer cylinders clad with ICP film for smear free sheet transportation
Register control system in the plate cylinders for exact 0 position. Optional register system
Circumferential register +/- 1 mm and side register (+/- 2 mm)
Cocking +/- 0.3 mm
Quick setting of rubber blankets and mounted rulers
Automatic adjustment of press, Preset system.
No height adjustment of gripper impact necessary 0.04-0.6
Automatic washing device for the rubber blankets and printing cylinder with washing sheet
Retaining ring contact
Automatic cleaning of the retaining rings

Inking device
API Auto Preset Inking
Adjustable inking units time
Roller device with 24 rollers of which 3 x shredding rollers prepared for tempering
Remote control of inking screws and ducts
Disengagement of 2 devices by the inking device via remote control
Colour form roller to and from, via remote control
Automatic roller washing

Moistening device
Speed-compensated film moistening device with 3 different settings for adaptation to different printing forms, including moistening water circulation and cooling
Shredding chrome roller and shredding intermediate roller
Moistening device control from the panel
Automatic overmoistening upon start of printing
Hydrophilic moistening roller

Highly-stable Non-stop stacker
Non-touch sheet transportation, “BERNOULLI” to the stacker with integrated fans and air chamber
Vacuum sheet retarder with independent operation
Side support with automatic setting Preset
(Ionising device for de-electrisation)
Individually adjustable fans for stable output
Automatic lubrication of chains
Brush for cleaning of stacker bridges
Prepared for IR Dryer

Control of machine
IPC data for work planning/with storage of all job data from 100 last jobs
Digital machine control via the panel with following important functions:
Automatic form adjustment feeder/stacker
Automatic adjustment of paper thickness
Automatic washing function for rubber cylinders, printing cylinders
and inking device
Inking and moistening device control
Monitoring of machine status and service functions
Disc unit for transfer of colour profiles
Central lubrication + manual lubrication points
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  • Manufacturer:
  • Mitsubishi
  • Model:
  • Diamond 6000L
  • Year:
  • 2005
  • Impressions:
  • 180 mio.
  • Color(s):
  • 5
  • Size:
  • 1440 x 1040 mm.
  • Location:
  • Denmark
  • Price:
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