Refurbishment Process control ICISREV: 1. Total dismantling 2. Total cleaning 3. Refurbishment of BEM Modul 4. Refurbishment of Multiplexer 5. Test of Spectrophotometer. 6. New BEM-MPX Guide light 7. New MPX-SPTF Guide light 8. Refurbishment of touch screen monitor 9. Complete re-installation of Software 10. Full functioning tests We supply the Image Control with following accessories : -sheet calibration -reference white -spare part lamp -mouse -keyboard -printer -tools. Image Control : - measures the whole print image - while at the same time providing online colour control for all printing - is based on the spectrophotometric information from the stored colour values and printing stock and the measurements from the print control strip. - can be used as a colour measurement and control system for up to four presses. - Fast and reliable make-ready of the print job. - Calculates the colour deviations of the individual ink zones. - It can separately analyse the influence of the paper and the ink on the measuring result = allows optimized calculation of the colour deviation to the target value. - Unlike a conventional control based on fixed density values with spectrophotometric control the status is continuously monitored during the print process and the target value will be adapted if necessary. - Once the printer has adjusted the OK sheet to standard target values, the operator can immediately check how it matches the standard.
  • Camporese Macchine Grafiche SpA
  • Advertising since 2010

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  • Manufacturer:
  • Heidelberg
  • Model:
  • Image Control
  • Year:
  • 2005
  • Stations:
  • 2
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