Kodak Magnus 800 CTP Thermal


  • 1 x Mercury T- HD 1250 Plate processor
  • 2400 Dpi
  • Straight Conveyer


App 4000 houers

High-performance platemaking with
top image quality
Kodak Magnus 800 Platesetters provide exceptional
productivity and efficiency to meet the needs of both small
and large commercial printers. They offer speeds up to
60 plates per hour, a modular design for easy scalability,
and various plate options including environmentally friendly
non process plates. The Kodak Magnus 800 Quantum
Platesetter, combined with 10-micron Kodak Staccato
Screening and Kodak Digital Plates, delivers photorealistic
results that you have to see to believe.
Advanced automation for flexibility
and productivity
Multiple automation options — from the semi-automatic base
unit, to single- or multi-cassette units, to the new Automatic
Pallet Loader — support your unique business needs.
The Automatic Pallet Loader (APL) for the Magnus 800
Platesetter enables faster plate loading, reduced labour costs,
and longer unattended operation. Simply load a pallet of up to
600 plates into the APL bay, and the machine does the rest,
removing slip sheets and loading each plate automatically into
the platesetter.
Greater throughput, with upgrade potential
The Magnus 800Z Quantum Platesetter is the fastest 8-page
CTP device in the market, with a throughput of 60 plates per
hour. In addition, you can choose from 15, 22, 30, and 40
plate per hour systems that meet your requirements today,
and easily upgrade as your business grows.
Maximum stability
Standard on all Magnus 800 Platesetters, Kodak squarespot
Imaging Technology automatically compensates for
temperature-related plate expansion and contraction for
precise, consistent imaging from plate to plate and machine to
machine. squarespot Technology also enables Kodak Staccato
Screening for moiré-free image fidelity with extraordinary tone
and colour consistency throughout the press run. Additionally,
the dynamic autofocus mechanism provides robustness to
process variation on the plate and prevents hot spots.
Seamless integration with
Kodak Solutions
The Magnus 800 Platesetter is tightly integrated with Kodak
Workflow Solutions, Kodak Processing Equipment and Kodak
Plates, enabling a complete automated prepress solution.
Third party workflow systems are also easily integrated.
Reduce costs and environmental impact
The Magnus 800 Platesetter family supports Kodak Thermal
Direct Non Process Plates and other processless plates, so
you can completely eliminate your processor and chemistry.
Magnus 800

Technology 830 nm thermal imaging platesetter, fully or semiautomatic, external drum
Load/unload systems • ContinuousLoad: Semiautomated; as one plate is imaged, another is placed on standby for automatic
loading as soon as the drum unloads.
• Single-cassette unit (SCU) option: Fully automated; holds up to 100 plates of the same size and
thickness with slip sheets. Can be configured in left or right orientation.
• Multi-cassette unit (MCU) option: Fully automated; holds up to 500 plates in 5 cassettes, each
containing up to 100 plates of the same size and thickness with slip sheets. The required cassette
is automatically selected according to the job definition. Empty cassettes can be reloaded while the
platesetter is running.
• Automatic Pallet Loader (APL): Holds one pallet of up to 600 plates of the same size and thickness
with slip sheets. Optional cassette tray for up to 100 plates. Option to bypass the automatic plate
loader by inserting plate directly into the platesetter from the loading conveyor.
(Consult your Kodak Plates representative for a current list of plates qualified for the APL.)
Inline punch • Up to 10 customised punch heads. Select from a list of punches qualified for Magnus 800 Platesetter.
• Optional automatic punching is operated according to press profile selected from the Kodak Workflow.
• Punch is available on the front edge of the plate only.
Performance specifications
Throughput at 2 400 dpi 1, 2 S speed: 15 plates per hour
F speed: 22 plates per hour
V speed: 30 plates per hour
X speed: 40 plates per hour
Z speed: 60 plates per hour (For more information, please refer to the Kodak Magnus 800Z Quantum Platesetter sell sheet.)
Repeatability - +5 microns (over 2 consecutive exposures on the same plate)
Accuracy - +20 microns (between 2 plates imaged on the same platesetter, at largest plate size)
Registration - +25 microns between image and punches, when customer punches are used (at largest plate size)
Workflow connectivity Kodak Prinergy Workflow and Kodak Prinergy Evo Workflow
Connection to third-party workflow systems (via 1-bit TIFF workflow)
Imaging specifications
Resolution 2 400/1 200 or 2 540/1 270 dpi
Screening 250 lpi max linescreen
25-micron Kodak Staccato Screening
450 lpi max linescreen
20-micron Kodak Staccato Screening
Optional: 10-micron Kodak Staccato Screening
Max. plate size:
around x along drum
950 x 1 162 mm
Max. image area size:
around x along drum
938 x 1 162 mm
Min. plate size:
around x along drum
330 x 305 mm
Min. image area size:
around x along drum
318 x 305 mm
Physical characteristics
Size (H x W x D) 110 x 249.5 x 150.4 cm
Weight 1 040 kg
The platesetter is a Class 1 Laser Product and fully complies with EN60825-1 and US Federal
Regulations 21 CFR 1040.10 - CDRH.
1 Imaging time is dependent on media sensitivity and screening type.
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  • Manufacturer:
  • Kodak
  • Model:
  • Magnus 800
  • Year:
  • 2007
  • Size:
  • 1162 x 950 mm.
  • Location:
  • Sweden
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