Horizon SPF20A with 2x Vac 100, ST-40,, PJ-77R


  • 2 x Vac 100 tower with 10 stations
  • PJ - 77R Delivery/jogger
  • ST 40 In-line stacker
  • Stitching/folding unit SPF-20A


High efficient rotary feed air-suction collating system with 2 collating towers at 10 bins in-line with stitching and folding unit SPF-20A and frontal cutting unit FC-20A. Advantages:
- minimal space requierements
- programmable operating with possibility to store the jobs in memory
- perfect electronical control of collating process
- interactive touch-screen control panel, remote control
- possibility of manual feeding and optimalization of job pass
- wide possibilities of setting, variable setting of stitching heads including loop stitching
- quick pre-setting to new job
- long lifetime and operating reliability of all components Units: VAC-100a, VAC-100m ... 2 collating towers at 10 bins (6 bins by wish) SPF-20A ... stitching and folding unit (2 stitching heads) FC-20A ... unit for frontal cutting Technical data: Sheet size 148 x 148 mm up to 350 x 500 mm Pile height in bin max. 55 mm Paper weight 52 g/m2 up to 210 g/m2 (envelope up to 300 g/m2) Collating speed 5 000 sets/hr. Stitch distance adjustable from 73 to 290 mm Stitch thickness max. 4 mm Production speed 3 200 booklets/hr.

The Standard Horizon ST-40 In-line Stacker is placed between the SpeedVAC 100 Collator and the SPF-20/200A saddlestitching accessories. This unique design provides simple push-button selection between jobs that require stacking only, and jobs that require finishing. The ST-40 incorporates an innovative error rejection system, and eliminates the need to roll away heavy finishing accessories.

The Standard Horizon PJ-77 and PJ-77R are vibrating and descending joggers for attachment to the front of the full line of Horizon collators or rear of the SpeedVAC 100 Collator. Driven by a separate motor, the PJ-77/77R jog collated sheets into perfect alignment and lower automatically in step with the system’s collating speed.
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  • Manufacturer:
  • Horizon
  • Model:
  • VAC 100 + SPF-20A + FC-20A
  • Year:
  • 2003
  • Location:
  • Denmark
  • Price:
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