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Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG

Heidelberg, is one of the largest manufacturers of offset printing presses in the world, they make a lot of different equipment in the categories prepress, press and postpress.

Heidelberg machines

On PressCity we have a lot of different used Heidelberg graphic machines, like the very popular Printmaster GTO 52, the SM 102 and SM 74 amongst others.

Complete list of used Heidelberg graphic machines on PressCity

Heidelberg Dymatrix 106 Pro CS

Heidelberg GT

Heidelberg GT Tigel (13 x 18 PLATEN)

Heidelberg GTP with Hotfoil

Heidelberg KSB

Heidelberg KSBA

Heidelberg SB

Heidelberg SBG

Heidelberg S-Cylinder

Heidelberg T

Heidelberg TP

Heidelberg Varimatrix 105 CS

Heidelberg 10 x 15

Heidelberg 52-N14

Heidelberg Conveyor belt

Heidelberg EB 4000

HEIDELBERG Eurobind 1300 PUR

HEIDELBERG Eurobind 1300 PUR ET-1000

HEIDELBERG Eurobind 600


HEIDELBERG Eurobind HE 500

Heidelberg GTP

Heidelberg Heidelberg GTP


Heidelberg Heidelberg SBG-P (Hot-Foil Stamping)

HEIDELBERG Heidelberg ST100

Heidelberg KD 78/4 KTL

Heidelberg KH 66

Heidelberg KH 78/4 KZ

Heidelberg KH66/4KL

Heidelberg KSD

Heidelberg N+P MO

Heidelberg Numbering Unit Heidelberg GTO 46

Heidelberg POLAR 115 AUTOTRIM

Heidelberg Prosetter 455

Heidelberg Prosetter 455-S

Heidelberg Prosetter 562

Heidelberg S (OHZ)

Heidelberg SBB

Heidelberg SBDZ

Heidelberg SBG

Heidelberg SBG With Hot Foil

Heidelberg SBG Z

Heidelberg Speedbander 603

Heidelberg ST 100

Heidelberg ST 100.2

Heidelberg ST 300

Heidelberg ST 350

Heidelberg ST 400

Heidelberg ST 450

Heidelberg ST100.1

Heidelberg Stahlfolder Ti40/ SBP


HEIDELBERG Stitchmaster ST 350

HEIDELBERG Sulby Quickbinder 200

Heidelberg Bender for XL 105

Heidelberg ChromaGraph S3400

Heidelberg Duosetter

Heidelberg Heidelberg Supersetter A74

Heidelberg Herkules Basic

Heidelberg Herkules Elite

Heidelberg Herkules Pro

Heidelberg Image Control CPC24

Heidelberg Nexscan F4100

Heidelberg Plate Bender

Heidelberg Plate Punch

Heidelberg PM/SM52

Heidelberg Polysetter 52

Heidelberg PrintReady / PrePressManger

Heidelberg Prosetter 74

Heidelberg Prosetter-52

Heidelberg Quickstep


Heidelberg Suprasetter 105

Heidelberg SUPRASETTER 105 6 Heads

Heidelberg Suprasetter 105 S

Heidelberg Suprasetter 105 S - SCL

Heidelberg Suprasetter 74

Heidelberg Suprasetter 75

Heidelberg Suprasetter S74

Heidelberg Tango

Heidelberg Tango drum scanner incl. COPIX

Heidelberg Topaz 3240-3 iX

Heidelberg Topsetter-102

Heidelberg Alcolor System for MOZ (cpl)

Heidelberg CD 102

Heidelberg CD 74 C 53 x 74

Heidelberg CD 74 F 60 x 74

Heidelberg CPC 2S /CPC21 Densitometer

Heidelberg Cutstar

Heidelberg CX 102

Heidelberg GT Platen

Heidelberg GTO 46

Heidelberg GTO 52

Heidelberg GTO 52 Z

Heidelberg GTO PM 52

Heidelberg GTO Z 52 + NP

Heidelberg GTOZP 52 +

Heidelberg GTP

Heidelberg GTP Hotfoil stamping

Heidelberg GTS with hot foil

Heidelberg Image control

Heidelberg KOR

Heidelberg KORA

Heidelberg KORD

Heidelberg Kord 64

Heidelberg KORS

Heidelberg KS Cylinder

Heidelberg KSB

Heidelberg KSBA 460 X 585 mm

Heidelberg KSD

Heidelberg MO

Heidelberg MO-E

Heidelberg MO-S

Heidelberg MOZP

Heidelberg Numbering & Perforating for sm 52

Heidelberg Numbering and Perforating Unit SM 74

Heidelberg Numbering Unit

Heidelberg Numbering unit for GTO

Heidelberg OHT A4

Heidelberg Original GTP Hot Foil Blocking Platen

Heidelberg PM 46

Heidelberg PM 52

Heidelberg PM 74

Heidelberg QM 46

Heidelberg Qm 46-4 DI

Heidelberg QM DI 46-4

Heidelberg QUICKMASTER QM 46-4 DI - PRO

Heidelberg ROTASPEED

Heidelberg S

Heidelberg SBD

Heidelberg SBG

Heidelberg SBGZ

Heidelberg S-Cylinder

Heidelberg S-Cylinder OHZ

Heidelberg SM 102

Heidelberg SM 52

Heidelberg SM 72

Heidelberg SM 74

Heidelberg SM XL 105

Heidelberg SM XL 75

Heidelberg SORD

Heidelberg SORK

Heidelberg SORKZ

Heidelberg SORM

Heidelberg SORMZ

Heidelberg SORS

Heidelberg SORSZ

Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74-5-P3 L

Heidelberg SX74

Heidelberg T

Heidelberg Tiegel

Heidelberg Tiegel A4 38 X 26 OHT

Heidelberg Tiegel GT 46 X 34 OHGT

Heidelberg TOK

Heidelberg XL 105

Heidelberg XL 106

Heidelberg XL 145-5 L

Heidelberg XL 75

Heidelberg M 600 B24

Heidelberg M600

Heidelberg Sunday 4000

Heidelberg Sunday M3000

Heidelberg contact info

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