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Sakurai Oliver 458 SI P- 4 Colors
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Ref. 3087 - Sakurai Oliver 458 SIP 4 Colors - Age 2004 Only 23 Millions of Impressions.
4 Color Press with Perfecting 4/0 convertible to 2/2 completely automatic change; Max. Size: 580 X 460 mm; Min. Size: 257 X 182 mm; Max. Speed: 15.000 Sheet/Hour; Paper Thickness: 0,04-0,4 mm; Automatic Change from Straight to Perfecting; SPC Automatic Plate Changer; SCCI Remote Ink Control Sakurai type I; SIS Interactive System; SAS Automatic Preset; Automatic Washing Device for Blanket, Impression and Rollers Baldwin; Plate Cocking controlled from the Interactive System; Olivermatic Dampening System; Suction board Feeder; Only 23 Millions of Impressions; Serial Number: HS1009**

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