PUR Adhesive Advantages

  • Improved binding strength across all paper types
  • Better lay flat due to smaller glue film
  • Resistant to ink solvent migration
  • Wider temperature range - keeps working in extreme heat or cold
  • Lasts longer than hot melt
  • Replaces expensive sewing

Meler Advantages

  • MELER technology designed and manufactured in-house. MADE IN EU
  • Quality and optimal price to achieve the requirements
  • Customized to the specific needs of each application
  • Shipments of systems and spare parts for next day delivery
  • International operations with 27 subsidaries and partners worldwide
  • Global technical support direct from site central offices, subsidaries and

Component Application System

Great range of MELER melters for PUR; Different hose diameters and lengths; Adjustable slot gun up to 60 or 100mm; Infrared glue detection; Double pressure system for accurate application; Patterns controller for different book lengths

  • Dealer:
  • Windward Used Printing Machinery Ltd
  • Manufacturer:
  • Meler PUR Systems
  • Model:
  • Meler PUR
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Spare Parts & Accessories


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