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MAN Roland Rekord RFK+LW Year: 1988
  • Sheetfed
  • MAN Roland Rekord RFK+LW
  • 1988
Ref. 3838 - Man-Roland Rekord RFK L - Age 1988. 5 Color Press + Varnish RCI Balwin Grafix Powder Spryer Quick Action Clamps Cool...
Roland Rekord RZK 3B-E Year: 1987
  • Sheetfed
  • Roland Rekord RZK 3B-E
  • 1987
Roland Rekord RZK 3B-E Age: 1987 Colors: 2 Size: 72 x 102 cm. Serial: 641 Number: 17594B Perfecting 1+1 High pile delivery Rolandma...
Man Roland Rekord RVK 3B E Year: 1980
  • Sheetfed
  • Man Roland Rekord RVK 3B E
  • 1980
Machine No. 0856B, Serie 616,Alcohol dampening with cooling refrigeration system,Powder spray Grafix Exactomat, Roland-Mabeg-Streamfeeder,Qu...
MAN Roland Rekord RVK 3B Year: 1986
  • Sheetfed
  • MAN Roland Rekord RVK 3B
  • 1986
Equipped with: Rolandmatic dampening EDELMAN refrigeration Chromed cylinders WEKO Powder spray Quick action clamps Electronic control...
MAN Roland REKORD RSK 3b Year: 1984
  • Sheetfed
  • MAN Roland REKORD RSK 3b
  • 1984
max. size 72 x 102 cm age 1984 ink remote control RCI ROLANDMATIC dampenings cooling unit EDELMANN quick plate clamping bars dry spray...
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